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Dear Amy's Kitchen,
My youngest son has always been picky about his pizza. He likes it but could only find one pizza parlor he liked. He did not like anything from the freezer section. One day I put your Four Cheese Pizza in front of him and he turned his nose at it. I told him to give it a try. He loved it and ate 3 pieces and all the crust. I was amazed, he loves it and so does the rest of my family. On pizza night this is what we serve. No more ordering out!

Thanks so very much for a healthier alternative.

From Katie Melanson

Dear Amy's Kitchen,
I just wanted to share my great experience to your products.  I have never tried your products until very recently.  I tried your Vegetable Pizza and it was the first time my 7 year old ate broccoli without complaining.  It was so wonderful to have a "frozen pizza" that I felt good about eating and sharing with my kids.  I then purchased your Chili.  I didn't realize it was vegetarian until I got it home.  That made me a little leery, but we warmed it up and had it for dinner tonight with cornbread and salad.  My family was full of compliments.

Thank you for the great products!

From Amy Hunt

Dear Amy's Kitchen,
My late husband introduced me to the idea of mixing soups.  Tonight I had the Tuscan Bean and the Tomato Bisque.  Added a bit of quinoa too.
Yummy!  I had to stop myself from eating it all!

From Christine Peterson

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