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Dear Amy's Kitchen,
As I dive into another yummy Brown Rice & Veggies Bowl, I feel compelled to let you know how much I love your food!  I am a nurse working 12 hour shifts who needs to eat quickly.  Your food provides me the liberty to eat quickly but also very healthily, thank you!  Keep making wonderful food!

From Molly Halligan

Dear Amy's Kitchen,
I recently went to a cookout at my sister's house and she had bought some of your veggie burgers for me and wow..I love them! That was the most amazing veggie burger I have ever had. I am excited to try your other products! I am sending a big thank you to you guys!

From Angelia Brown

Dear Amy's,
Wow! I just had your Veg Korma for lunch. It was incredible! This may be the most delicious frozen meal I've ever had. It was perfectly seasoned and just the right portion size. Thanks! I will definitely buy this again.


Dear Amy's Kitchen,
Last week I was in Shoprite , doing my weekly food shopping, and I noticed your pizza was on sale. I have always thought your foods were too expensive for my family's budget, but thought I'd treat myself (since I heard that your pizza was very tasty). I purchased 2 pizzas, the Spinach and one Cheese. Let me please tell you how my son and I are now Amy's Pizza fans! This is truly the best tasting oven pizza we have ever had! I want to just thank you and your company for putting some love into your food. I am amazed that it was so good. I am looking forward to treating us to some new Amy's items next month. Thank you....go pat yourselves on the back for a job well done!

From Christine Wnorowski

Dear Amy's Kitchen,
I have recently been put on a gluten free diet and your foods have been a lifesaver!  I had always seen your products in the stores but, I admit, I never tried them until I needed GF "quick meals".  I have tried several different kinds, and love the Vegetable Lasagna, the Rice Mac n' Cheese, the Enchiladas (all of them!) and the Rice Bowls!  This is a fantastic line of products and I am almost happy I am now gluten free because if I wasn't, I may never have discovered the delicious foods you produce!  Thank you for making this transition easier for me!

From Jamie Krichbaum

Dear Amy's Kitchen,
I love Samosa's and then I saw your wrap today in the store, so I picked one up to go with my salad.  Yow-Za!  I'm in love!! It was perfect! I can't wait to go get more.  I just found my "go to" favorite lunch.  Thank you!

From Susan Malandra

Dear Amy's Kitchen,
I don't usually write companies about their products, but after eating one of your Indian frozen meals, all I can say is WOW.  This is what frozen food should taste like.  Full of flavor and spice!  I've been raving about these meals throughout the office.  I will definitely be stockpiling these at the office and at home for easy dinner meals.  Thanks so much for making frozen food delectable!

From Farrah Bauer

Dear Amy's Kitchen,
I just read an article about the "organic" food companies that are actually owned by Coke, Pepsi, Kraft, Hershey's, etc. While it's nice that these companies have an organic option, it seems to me that they're passing their product off as something it is not. I was so happy to see that Amy's Kitchen was not mentioned on the list of organic food companies that is owned by a mega corporation (and that you guys do not put money in Monsanto's pocket).

I am so glad that your company is a family run business. My mother, brother, and I run a family business, and it's great to see that other companies like ours can do so well and not "sell out" to the big guys, and that we can hold our own amongst the giants. There's a reason your prepared foods taste better than the rest.... staying true to your beliefs is delicious! Stay strong, Amy's! You rock!

From Kirsten

Dear Amy's Kitchen,
Just wanted to send a quick thank you for all of the wonderful soups you make. I recently began a healthier diet and your soups have been a delicious and easy lunch at work. The Low Sodium Cream of Tomato and Split Pea are wonderful but my favorite is Summer Corn & Veggies. I can't wait to try more products and am so happy to have healthy and easy options!! Thank you again!

From Carrie

Dear Amy's Kitchen,
Just wanted to commend you on some great frozen mexican food! I'm a busy single mom...who became an adult student due to a job loss and your meals come in very handy when I can't cook due to my busy schedule. Thank you for creating great tasting dishes that are convenient for these busy times!

From Lisa Good

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