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Dear Amy: Mailbox: Archive


Amy's Kitchen,
I just tried your Steel Cut Oats. A great dish. Very pleasingly sweet and wholesome. Thanks for all your healthy choices.
Marcia Tate


Amy's KitchenDear Amy,
I just bought the soy cheese pizza and ATE THE WHOLE THING all by myself.  I am Italian and have been making my own pizza with soy cheese, NO more...this was the Best! Thank you.
Cheryl Panebianco

Dear Amy,
I would just like to say thank you for providing my family with quality foods at a great price they really help keep us in our budget.
Thank you,

Dear Amy,
I just wanted to say thank you for making wonderful organic food.  I love, love, love Amy's Spinach Pizza. I recently watched the documentary "Food, Inc." which inspired me to start eating organic. I also like the No Chicken Noodle Soup.  A few weeks ago I tried the Tofu Scramble which was wonderful for breakfast!  I loved starting the day with protein and
vegetables! Thanks again!

Dear Amy,
I have never written a fan letter to a company, but this one is warranted. Since discovering Amy's a number of years ago, our family of five has been gradually increasing our consumption and reliance on your meals. We bring it to work for lunch, it is a great dinner when I am too busy to cook, and we call it our "Amy's Diet" when we have put on a few pounds and need to cut back for a few days. My kids come home and say, "did you make dinner, or is it an Amy's night?" When I go to the supermarket, people in line tease me about all the different Amy's meals I have in my cart, and I tell them how wonderful a product it is, how healthy, delicious, and portion controlled. My son is in college and has an apartment there, and instead of having a full meal plan he opts for one meal at the cafeteria, and supplements with a lot of Amy's meals. I am a psychotherapist specializing in Eating Disorders, and recommend Amy's to many of my patients as good, delicious food that is convenient and quick, and low in calories. In fact, my husband and I recently had a trip to Hawaii, where we stayed in a timeshare with a microwave, and found Amy's at the grocery. We ate your food for breakfast and lunch, and then went out for dinner - resulting not only in money saved, but not gaining weight on this vacation! Can you tell how excited and passionate we are about your product? Thank you guys for a job well done, and products that enhance this family's life immeasurably. I don't know what we would do without you.

Emily B

Hi Amy's,
I have been a fan of Amy's for years.  I'm always eager and excited to try new products and happy to rely on classic favorites (especially your yummy soups like No Chicken Noodle, Curried Indian Lentil, and Thai Coconut!).

Amy's KitchenThe reason I am writing to you now is to thank you for helping me survive the first year of my child's life. My husband is vegan and having your tasty Roasted Vegetable and non-dairy cheese pizzas on hand during the first few months of our daughter's life was a true lifesaver.  There were many sleep-deprived days and nights for us and throwing an Amy's pizza in the oven for dinner was so easy and such a delicious way to stay healthy.

Now that our little one is getting older and eating some food on her own, we are excited to incorporate Amy's into her diet. We know we can trust your products to satisfy and nourish her without the use of weird additives. We know she'll love everything that comes out of your kitchen as much as we do!

Thank you for reading and feeding!
Susan Hudson and family

Dear Amy,
I love your products, but I am so in love with the Tofu Scramble and
Salisbury Steak dinner (Veggie Steak & Gravy). So good! Keep on makin' 'em.


Amy's Kitchen

Dear Amy,
My husband was just diagnosed with a mean throat cancer, and will be on a liquid diet throughout his treatment. I'm used to cooking vegetarian with natural & organic ingredients, usually from scratch. But with the new time constraints of our life, and only my 14-yr-old and me to feed, I have gratefully fallen back on the lovely variety of foods from the Amy's section at our grocery store. He appreciates having the freedom to choose his meals (cheesy pastas & burritos) and I eat what I like (Indian and vegan). Thank you, Amy's family, for helping our family in a difficult time.
Nancy J. Presley

Dear Amy,
I have been such a fan of your Broccoli Pot Pies that I was disappointed
when I couldn't find them at the grocery store yesterday. I decided to
grin and bear it, so I put a few Shepherd's Pies in my cart to tide me
over. I had never tried them before but was sure they wouldn't be
nearly as good. Boy, was I ever wrong! I may have a new favorite! The
flavor was so rich, I had to check the package again to make sure it was
vegetarian. You folks are truly amazing! With food as nutritious and
tasty as yours, and as easy to prepare, it's hard to find excuses to eat
badly. Thank you for making healthy eating fun.

Dear Amy,
I have always by-passed the frozen meals in the frozen food case at our
grocery store. I have tried other frozen meals in the past and have been
disappointed every time. I saw your product and thought why not, let's
give it a try. This time I was not disappointed! I tried the first one;
it was so good I thought beginners luck. Tried the second one and it was
just as good as the first. Now I have told everyone I know how great
your meals are. I even took my two college daughters to the store, and
stocked them up so they have healthy meals to take back to school.
Thank-you. I'm a busy woman, and life has gotten much easier!

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