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Amy's in the Military: Archive


Dear Amy's Kitchen,
Good day. My wife recently introduced your line of tamales to me and I was instantly hooked.  I'm a 21 year member of the Air Force and most days I don't make it home for lunch.  It's difficult to find delicious frozen meals anymore. However I can honestly say that every single Amy's meal I have eaten has been wonderful!  My latest favorite are your Spinach Feta Pockets.  I choose to microwave and pop in the toaster in the break room for that crispy crust.  It's satisfying and great!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my letter.

Capt.  Goeke

Dear Amy's Kitchen,
I just wanted to shoot you guys/gals an email and say "Thank you." I'm a US citizen living abroad in Germany working for the US Army. The military commisary carries a few of your food items and your food is nothing short of wonderful. Thank you for doing your part in assisting others in making healthy decisions concerning their diet. I'm a licensed health professional and I really appreciate your tasty treats. Have a great day!

Amber Ryan

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