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Amy's in the Military: Archive


Dear Amy,

Today I discovered your products.  I was walking through WalMart and for the first time saw your products, and had no idea they were all vegetarian.  I saw something that didn't look like it had meat in it and so I read the back... to my amazement everything was food I could eat..*YAY*  I just bought every different meal they had there!!  Right now I'm stationed in Camp Lejeune, and I haven't previously seen any of your products in the Commissary here, but you bet I'm going tomorrow!!  Down here in North Carolina they don’t have much for non meat eaters.  I've been trying to find products for years that aren't just veggie burgers or look like meat or even taste like meat products.  I was thrilled to discover that your foods are delicious!  Thank you for giving vegetarians a lot more options!
From Gina

Dear Amy,
I purchased one of your frozen enchilada dinners today at Barksdale A.F.B. commissary, came home, microwaved it and liked it. It was organic and was the enchiladas made from tofu, black beans, corn, etc. Just wanted to comment that I look for organic foods and wanted to say thanks...the meal was not expensive, either. I plan to try another of your meals the next time I go to get groceries.

From J. Green

Dear Amy,
My husband found your veggie burgers at our commissary here in Germany and I loved it!  I've been a vegetarian for about a decade and can't belive it took me this long to discover your products.  When I go shopping this week, I plan to load up on Amy's food.   My 12 month old enjoyed hers as well and this is a great way for us to have easy, healthy lunches!   Thanks so much.
P.S I'm excited to see you carry Indian dishes as well! Yumm!

From Angie Crane

Hi Amy's kitchen, We are enjoying a pizza of yours all the way over in Glan Munchweiler, Germany. Thanks!
From Matt

Dear Amy,
I haven't been a vegetarian for many years now, but that doesn't mean I don't still enjoy vegetarian and vegan cuisine. first came across your products in the commissary here at Camp LeJeune, and I was highly impressed. It's quick, delicious, and healthy. Even my husband, a self-avowed carnivore, loves your pizzas and burritos. Thank you for making such wonderful products!
From Jennna

Dear Amy,
I am a pilot in the Air Force Reserves and fly long flights across the ocean and into the Middle East. With just a refrigerator and a small conventional oven, eating something tasty and nutritious is a challenge. I was so excited to find Amy's at the commissary in Ramstein, Germany (and I'm not even a vegetarian). They are my go-to meals on every flight, and they keep me full and happy on those long days. Thank you!

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