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Amy's in the Military: Archive


Dear Amy,
I'm a soldier in the Army and I've been a vegetarian for most of my life. It hasn't always been easy maintaining my dietary practice since enlisting, but a few months ago while wandering through the commissary on my base I discovered your canned soups and shortly after that your frozen foods. I'm writing you this to express my profound gratitude for making such wonderful food so widely available, and most importantly for someone like me with a limited income, affordable. I'll be asking my family to send me your soups once I get back to Iraq. Thanks again!
Ariel Oluich


Amy's KitchenDear Amy,
My husband is stationed at a base in the southern U.S. that is severely lacking in variety when it comes to restaurants. I was happy to discover that the commissary carries a few Amy's frozen meals and my personal favorite, Mattar Paneer. One of the few frozen meals I can feel good about eating: just the right amount of spice, healthy ingredients, and flat out delicious! Keep up the good work smile
Jennifer Lamott

Dear Amy,
Hello, I just wanted to thank you so so much for making quality organic foods that is affordable and available to military members! I am so glad to be able to buy them from military commissaries, and many of my friends are too. Your foods are great and your customer service is too. Thank you so much!!

Chandler Schwede

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