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Amy's in the Military: Archive


Dear Amy,
I just wanted to let you know your Spinach Pizza is my lifesaver. My newly picky one year old is refusing almost all vegetables- but he devours your Spinach Pizza! I'm so happy to have a small selection of Amy's products at our commissary here in Okinawa. They simplify our lives in so many ways. THANK YOU for supporting military families!
From Penelope

Dear Amy,
I have been on Weight Watchers for about a year (lost 40 lbs, almost to goal!) and have recently discovered your frozen meals. The commissary has a limited selection of items (a few Bowls and an Enchilada plate or two?), but all I've tried so far have been delicious. My husband is gone now and then (military), and he is the main cook in our family. In the old days, when he was gone, I'd have microwave popcorn or cereal for dinner. Now I can stock the freezer with some of your meals and know
I'll feed myself properly when he's gone. Thanks! Can't wait to try the Apple Pie. I will search high and low for it! Cheers.

From Beth Thomas


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Dear Amy,
I just want to Thank You for making such delicious foods. I am married to a United States Marine and we currently live in Okinawa Japan and having the Amy's entree's available at the Commissary gives me a little taste of home. Again Thank you!


Dear Amy,
I have been eating Amy's for the last few years and I am in love.
Currently my husband is deployed with the US ARMY therefore I don't have anyone to cook for. For me that is normally detrimental for my eating
habits. Thanks to your heavenly meals I actually eat as I am suppose to.
I eat your soups, and frozen meals all the time. Sadly I don't get all of them here in ITALY, that is where we are stationed. I wish I did. I just wanted to THANK YOU for doing your part to help me through this rough deployment.


Michael Harrison

To the Employees of Amy's Kitchen,
Thank you very much for the package of cans of soup. I have become a huge fan of the "Chunky Tomato Bisque" as my grandfather has been sending them to me here in Afghanistan.
Thanks again!
1st LT Michael Harrison.

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