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Enjoy Your Favorite Soup - in a Non-BPA Can!
We're happy to say that our cans have a non-BPA lining. We've been using this new can exclusively for the past year for all our canned foods.

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Letters We Love

GMO Labeling:
The Next Steps

AmyA grassroots effort in the state of Washington has successfully pushed "I-552 The People's Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act" on the 2013 ballot. Amy's is a long-time champion of GMO labeling--this is an issue we are very passionate about. We support bills like I-522. These state-level initiatives can be major stepping-stones towards a truly national GMO labeling policy.

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In The News

Good HousekeepingGood Housekeeping
Guess who won "Best Vegetable Pizza" from Good Housekeeping? They loved the "sweet caramelized onions, peppers, and mushrooms" on our Roasted Vegetable Pizza.

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Parent's Magazine
Parents Magazine
Amy's is proud to be featured in Parent's Magazine's "21 Foods to Tempt Your Picky Eater." With great taste and reduced sodium, Amy's Light in Sodium Cream of Tomato Soup is Parent's choice.

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Letter We Love

Dear Amy's
I have been trying to eliminate food additives and GMOs from my diet, and unfortunately its really hard to find companies that don't use one or the other. I found your brand at my local grocery story recently, and I am in LOVE. Everything is so delicious! Thank you for what you do!  

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A note from Amy

Dear Friends,

The First Pot PieTwenty five years ago this month, my parents started Amy's in the cozy little kitchen that we still eat in today. Things were tough at the beginning, as they worked to devote their time, love, and attention to a brand new baby (me) and get a fledgling business off the ground at the same time.

But Amy's has always been a labor of love, and the passion my parents had for getting organic healthy food available to as many people as possible kept them going. Even when there was no money and no time, my mom would read us consumer letters from people who were so grateful and who could "feel the love" that my family poured into the food from the very beginning — a love that sustained their ambition when there wasn't much else coming in. 

As we celebrate our 25th anniversary, those difficult times are the stuff of old family stories. But the love that goes into the food has never changed and is the driving force behind every decision we make at Amy's. We still sit around that same old kitchen table while my mother reads us daily letters from happy consumers with tears in her eyes and says, "Always remember Amy, — love is why we do this."
With all our love for 25 years,
Amy, Andy, and Rachel


A note from Amy

Our farmer partners share the same values of family, organic farming and pure whole foods that inspire us at Amy's.

The organic wheat flour we use for our pizza dough comes from a 146-year-old family-owned mill. The mill began as a small farmer's co-op with a single-building mill powered by a water wheel.

Central Mills

Today, the mill has grown to a much larger size, but the focus on quality and values remains the same. The mill supplies Amy's with 4.4 million pounds of organic wheat flour every year. Their premium flour provides the perfect texture and flavor for our pizzas.

Central MillsThe wheat, which is 100% organic, is sourced from a patchwork of farms located throughout the Western United States. At the mill, the wheat is ground into flour using roll stands (pictured), sifters, and equipment that dates to the early 1900's. With time, the mill has grown to a modernized version without losing a sense of where it began. For example, the water wheel, which was first built in 1867, is now used to generate electricity that powers the machines.


A note from Amy

Amy's New Products

Light & Lean Quinoa & Black Beans
Amy's Quinoa and Black Bean Bowl is high in fiber and low in fat and calories. It’s also gluten free and non-dairy. We love the delicious combination of organic black beans, quinoa, Swiss chard and butternut squash. If you've never tried quinoa, you'll be amazed at how satisfying this gluten free whole grain can be. Watch for this new bowl in stores now. + More details here!

Light & Lean Mattar Paneer
Our lighter version of this Indian classic features tender organic peas and cubes of Indian cheese in an authentically spiced sauce. A side of basmati rice and a delightful blend of lentils and beans round out this nourishing meal. All that for only 260 calories! + More details here!