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What’s In A Veggie Burger?
We think all food should be made with natural, wholesome ingredients – not weird additives or things you can’t pronounce. That’s why our veggie burgers are free from the strange ingredients and additives you sometimes see in meat alternatives. You won’t find hexane, MSG, or trans fats in our freedom-loving burgers. You will find farm-fresh organic veggies, beans, grains, and real spices, cooked up with home-style recipes. Check out our nine different veggies burgers.
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Promotions & Rewards

Do you love supporting farmers as much as we do? Want to win tickets and airfare to an outrageously fun summer event? Watch for a special email announcing our summer sweepstakes…Coming soon to your Inbox! 

Amy's Cares

Support For Oklahoma


We love to cook for you: providing nourishing, delicious food is our pleasure. We’re grateful that we could send over 20,000 cans of soup, beans, and chili to the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma to help the people impacted by the Oklahoma tornados.
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In The News

Amy’s Wins 3 Healthy Food Awards!


Thank you, Self Magazine, for honoring Amy’s Kitchen with three prizes in the 2013 Healthy Food Awards! And the winners are…Best Vegetarian Meal goes to our Asian Noodle Stir-Fry; Best Frozen Pizza was awarded to our Rice Crust Spinach Pizza; and the Best Veggie Burger prize was given to our Texas Veggie Burger.

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Letter We Love

Dear Amy’s Kitchen
I just wanted to let you know just how much my husband and I love the California Veggie burger!!!! I have tried many different brands and found this one day. So glad I did - this has so much flavor and my meat eating friends don't even notice the difference! Great product - keep it up!


Dear Amy’s Kitchen
My doctor suggested I try veggie burgers as a substitute for beef burgers - and I just love these Bistro Burgers! They cook up quickly and are great paired with other pan sautéed veggies. Thanks for making such a great burger!

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A note from Amy


Freedom From GMOs – An Amy’s Kitchen Cause!

Twenty-five years ago, when Amy’s Kitchen first started, no one had ever heard of genetically modified food. Today, GMOs are a serious area of debate in our country, and many people are working to raise awareness of this questionable technology that’s now a major part of our food system.

At Amy’s Kitchen, we became concerned as soon as we learned about GMOs, well over a decade ago. Since then, we've worked closely with our farmers and suppliers to secure non-GMO food for our meals. We make sure we are getting certified organic crops and ask farmers for rigorous testing and affidavits to verify that their crops do not contain GMOs. Thankfully, we’re confident that our ingredients are non-GMO and pleased that we can put our non-GMO seal on all Amy’s Kitchen products.

But, that’s not enough. We believe in the patriotic right for every American to know what’s in the food they buy – the same right that citizens in over 61 other countries enjoy. That’s why we have a dedicated team at Amy’s working to stay involved with GMO-labeling and education. We financially support grassroots community efforts, like the current I-522 GMO-labeling initiative in Washington State, and are active in national food policy work, like the Farm Bill.

Please stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates on GMO-labeling and the larger sustainable agriculture movement. And I hope you’ll join us in supporting efforts to increase transparency and openness about our food!

Best wishes, Paul
Liaison for Policy & Government Affairs (and Amy's cousin!) 


A note from Amy

Support Independent Farmers – Eat Your Green Beans!


We’re a family-owned company, still owned by Andy, Rachel, and Amy, the family who created Amy’s Kitchen 25 years ago. This has helped us stay true to our founding values. We’re still inspired to cook the most nourishing, delicious, organic food for you. That’s probably why we love to work with independent family farms–they’re values-driven, just like us.
SnoPacThe Sno Pac brand was started by J.P. Gengler back in 1943 – but he began his farming business around 1900! Over four generations later, the Gengler family still owns and runs Sno Pac. Our very favorite facts about this legendary grower? They've always been known for their delicious produce – and they've always farmed organically. Now, that’s commitment.
Sno Pac organic green beans are among the best we’ve found. Enjoy them in many Amy’s Kitchen dishes, including our Veggie Steak & Gravy Whole Meal and our Organic Chunky Vegetable Soup.    


A note from Amy

Summer Essentials From Amy’s Kitchen
It’s summertime, and the livin’ should be easy.
Here are our top picks for simply delicious summer entertaining, Amy’s-style. It’s the perfect menu for your July 4th cook-out.

July 4th Cookout

Amy's New ProductsAll American Veggie Burger
This is the classic – the one to have in the freezer all summer long. The All American Veggie Burger is hearty and satisfying, like a good burger should be. It has a delicious, mildly smoky, BBQ flavor. Organic mushrooms and veggies make it extra-flavorful and nourishing. Looking for protein? Each burger is packed with 12 grams. Plus, they’re firm enough to hold up on the grill. (vegan)
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Amy's New ProductsGluten-free Rounds
Going GF and missing a soft, tender burger bun? We got this! We couldn’t find a gluten-free bread we loved, so our bakers created one. This is one of those gluten-free foods that everyone loves – they’re light, tender, and the perfect size for a burger. Look for it in the freezer section. (vegan, gluten-free, soy-free) + See Here!


Amy's New ProductsOrganic Vegetarian Baked Beans
What’s a picnic without baked beans? This is our organic version of the traditional summer favorite. We simmer organic white beans in our special sauce with tomato puree, mustard, and maple syrup. They’re rich and sweet, just like real baked beans should be. These are ready to eat, straight from the can. But, if you’ve got a crock-pot, dust it off – it’s perfect for warming and serving these. (vegan, gluten-free, soy-free) + See Here!


Gluten Free Brownies
Amy's New ProductsWe’re so sorry it took us twenty-five years to bake up a chocolate brownie, but it was worth the wait! Our new Gluten Free Brownies are hitting stores just in time to make fireworks at your next picnic. These treats have the crumbly crust and rich, chocolaty center that defines a perfect brownie, and, yet, they’re free from gluten. (gluten-free, tree nut free) + See More!


Apple Pie
Summer is definitely the highseason for pie-eating. If you don’t have the time for pie-baking – or it’s just Amy's New Productstoo hot to turn on the oven – let us help. We’ve been baking this apple pie for over 20 years! Like all our food, its deliciousness comes from quality ingredients and skillful cooks. Our pie has a classic, tender crust made with whole-wheat flour and butter and a lightly-sweetened filling of juicy, organic apples and honey. Look for it in the freezer section. + See Here!