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Our People

Jack Chipman - VP of Sales

How did you start working for Amy’s?

I had just moved to Austin from LA and was making ends meet by playing piano in a pretty popular regional band, but had some days free and wanted to do more. I knew of Amy’s products and mentioned to Errol Sober, who was the National Sales Manager at the time and a longtime friend, that I would be interested in a part-time position if there were ever any openings.

What was your first job?
I was what we would call now, a Territory Sales Rep for Texas.

What is the best part of your current job?
Interacting regularly with a group of warm, creative and interesting people at Amy’s.

What did you do before you worked at Amy’s?
A lot of my life was spent as a professional musician, but right before I moved to Austin, I was the Production Manager for a TV commercial Distribution Company called TFI.

How did that experience help you at Amy’s?
At TFI, I had a big dose of the supervisory/responsibility thing, but the comfort with intimate collaboration that I learned as a musician has been of great benefit in my Amy’s career. It’s not about who comes up with the idea, it’s about recognizing the best idea.

Tell me about Dance Fever. I understand you wrote the theme song.
Certainly not one of my best songs, but it paid a lot of bills.

Do you still play music?
Absolutely. I will always do that.

What else do you like to do when you are not working?
The basics: Going out with friends, playing music…avoiding airports.

What is your affiliation with Johnny Unitas?
I have his autograph, and my father (lawyer) represented him for awhile.

Andy Berliner says that you are one of the best sales people he has ever known. Why do you think he says that?
That’s a very generous comment from Andy. I suppose it comes back to collaboration. I try to hear what people are really saying, and to get results that work for all without inflicting my will on anyone. Maybe that helps me get asked back.

Which Amy’s meal is your favorite right now?
I’m newly addicted to the Steel Cut Oats bowl, which is amazing because I’ve never liked any cooked cereal before.

One last question. I know you are a big Beatles fan. So, I have to ask the question. John or Paul?

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