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Our People

Errol Sober - Business Development

Errol SoberHow does a musician with Top 40 records under his belt become such an integral part of Amy’s Kitchen? Well, it starts in Los Angeles (where so many good stories start). Rachel met Errol Sober in Los Angeles a few years before Errol and Andy met. In fact, Rachel and Errol met Andy at the same time.

At this time, Errol was working in the entertainment business as both recording artist and executive. As a singer, he had six records on the National Billboard Charts. You may remember him as the voice of “Sugar Bear” on albums that were sold nationally and as singles found on the backs of Post Sugar Crisp Cereal boxes. Later, Errol was Professional Manager for CBS Music Publishing on the West Coast. Additionally, Errol acted as Music Supervisor on many Motion Pictures.

So how did Errol come to work for Amy’s? Errol remained friends with the Berliners (now married, with their toddler Amy and a fledgling company). Errol worked with Andy at one of their first trade shows. The show was a great success and Andy and Rachel approached Errol about joining the company. Alas, the timing was not right.

The right time came in 1995.  Knowing nothing about the food business, Errol hit the road, making sales calls to stores and distributors throughout the United States. Errol’s efforts helped create 50% to 80% company growth. He became National Sales Manager in 1996.

Today, Errol wears many hats at Amy’s. He is the Family Representative for public and community relations, leads many new business initiatives and is involved in business development and strategy. Errol is also one of Amy’s most trusted tasters, participating in daily tastings to ensure consistency in Amy’s quality and flavor.

Officer of Trampolines

Although not on his resume, Errol has two other important roles: as Godfather for Amy Berliner and also as Officer of Trampolines.  Errol was at the Berliner’s house in the early 1990’s when Amy was only seven years old and often enjoyed jumping on the family’s trampoline.  Andy and Errol were talking about the role Errol should play at Amy's. The company namesake overheard this discussion and ran up to them and announced: “Errol should be in charge of trampolines!" A short time later Amy told Errol, “You know, you’re my godfather. You just are.”  His position as Amy’s godfather had begun.

“The Magic of Amy’s”

Errol has great insight into what makes Amy’s so special: “A feeling of camaraderie, a sense of extended family pervades the company. Friendship and love gets us through the stressful times. Each day becomes an adventure, not a chore.
The family’s intuitive business sense gives us a freedom that large corporations don’t have. Decisions are made and implemented very quickly. That nimbleness is part of the culture and also, I believe, part of the magic of this company. There is always permission to change and reassess. Amy’s is continually fresh, innovative, and trend setting. It is respectful but fearless.”

Amy’s Mission

We are all so committed to the success of Amy’s that consumers are benefiting with great, healthy food. Thousands of families, including employees and organic farmers, earn their livelihoods in partnership with Amy’s. Errol continues: “This company goes way beyond money, especially at this point. It really is a mission for Andy and Rachel. The mission is to do good by bringing healthy food to people at the best possible price and by providing livelihoods for thousands of families committed to the Amy’s vision.”

Errol’s Favorite Amy’s dish

When asked about his favorite Amy’s dish, Errol says, “Currently, it is the Stuffed Pasta Shells, but, my favorite is only my favorite…until a new dish comes out.”

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