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Bird Rescue is a team effort at Amy’s -

Bird Rescue

This Summer, a few people from the sanitation crew at our Medford, Oregon plant rescued a baby bird who had fallen from a nest that was in the rafters on the shipping dock.  Hopeful that the bird would be adopted, the team contacted some of the local animal rescue agencies, but these agencies do not usually take wild birds in for rehabilitation.  

Bird Rescue

Peggy Emptage works in the office at our Medford plant. Peggy, her daughter and granddaughter took the nestling in and he has turned out to be an awesome pet!  It is a Bird RescueStarling, and is just now getting his spots and colors. He has full run of the house, has his own perch and cage, and he loves to take baths.  As you can see, he is a chubby little fellow who loves to try new food and is a great “watch dog”.   
It has been a great learning experience for Peggy’s 6 year old granddaughter to learn about birds, and she named him Apollo.

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