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Helping Out

Archive 2010

Kid Street Learning Center

"Kid Street Theatre is about realizing our similarities as human beings, rather than focusing on our differences, even if pain is what binds us. It is through acceptance of each other, and ourselves, that we are truly set free."
--Linda Conklin, Executive Director and Principal, Kid Street.

Kid Street Learning Center is a charter school which provides an alternative educational model and ways of learning for kids from very difficult backgrounds such as homelessness, drug abuse and other negative experiences. The school provides a consistent supportive environment building on success rather than focusing on failures.

Cindy Gillespie, Amy’s Director of Human Resources was first introduced to the Kid Street program through a leadership development program. Her leadership class visited the school and she came away from the visit moved and inspired by the dedication of the teachers and staff who were making such a difference in the children’s lives.

In addition to the rich learning environment Kid Street provides, they also help with the basic necessities of the children and their families. One of these is providing healthy meals. The school provides breakfast and lunch daily for all of the children and any family members in need. For some children, these are the only meals they receive each day.

Cindy saw this area of the program as a great way for Amy’s to partner with the school by providing healthy Amy’s meals to all of the children. Working with the Santa Rosa HR team, they have been delivering a healthy lunch of Amy’s products each Wednesday for the past two years. The kids love the pizza (they call it Amy’s Pizza Day) but have also enjoyed other products like macaroni and cheese and lentil soup.

Griselda Gudino, HR Representative in Santa Rosa has been the driving force in sustaining the program. Her dedication in keeping the delivery schedule up to date has been essential.

For more information check out the Kid Street Learning Center website.

A Letter from the American Red Cross

Hello all,
I’m writing you because at some level, you played a role in helping the American Red Cross and various other non-profits with the charitable donation of Amy's Kitchen, Organic Black Bean and Vegetable Soup.  I am pleased to announce that our team at USA New Horizons has dispersed almost all of the 30+ pallets we received last month.  A majority of the product was shipped to our El Salvador center, to help rural families rebuild after Hurricane Ida. Additional inventory was delivered to Sonoma County non-profits, including: the local chapter of the Red Cross, Food for Thought, Redwood Empire Food Bank, Catholic Charities and Friends in Sonoma Helping (FISH).  On behalf of all of the recipients of the "Soup", past, present and future, THANK YOU!

Best Regards,
Steve Hagstrom
American Red Cross, Sonoma & Mendocino Chapter

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